Pharmacy Colleges in Bangalore

pharmacy is a place where drugs are sold and Pharmacy is practiced. It is also called a drug-store or a chemist’s in certain parts of the world. A pharmacy is generally called a medical store in India, and both prescription drugs & over the counter drugs are sold here. A drug store attached to a hospital is called a dispensary and only prescription drugs are distributed here.

pharmacist is also known as apothecary or chemist, all denoting the profession of expertise in dealing with drugs. Being in search for chemical and herbal ingredients, the Pharmaceutics is regarded as the precursor of chemistry and pharmacology.

The crux of Pharmacy constitutes drug preparation, dispensation and review, along with clinical health services (diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitative, preventive & palliative). Pharmacy aims at the effective, safe and affordable use of drugs. Pharmacists are experts in drug therapy and they try to optimize the use of drugs for the benefit of patients.